Multiple Monitor Support

ZoomText 10.1 has the best Multiple Monitor Support in the industry. Increase your productivity with five unique views for any task on your computer.

These groundbreaking features will change how you work, forever.

Span view is designed for users that want to use multiple monitors to create one larger magnified view. Using 2 monitors at 2x magnification will fit the entire desktop width across your displays. This is great for reading documents visually when horizontal width is important.

Clone view is designed for situations where two or more users need to see the same magnified view on separate monitors. Generally, this would be sued when the displays are in different locations.

Zoom with 1x is ideal for instances where a low-vision user and normal-sighted user are working together on the same system, or a low-vision user would want to be viewing at 1x or bird’s eye view of the application they are working in.

MultiView Local is one of the new innovative display modes available in ZoomText 10.1. With MultiView Local, each monitor displays a magnified view of a discrete desktop.  In other words, monitor 1 displays a magnified view of ONLY the content appearing on desktop 1, and monitor 2 displays a magnified view of ONLY the content appearing on desktop 2, and so on. This is ideal for giving PowerPoint presentations.

MultiView Global offers unique viewing possibilities that can only be found in ZoomText. Like the MultiView Local mode, each monitor can be used to view different applications located on different desktops. But your monitors can also be used to view multiple locations within the same application or desktop. This revolutionary capability can help increase productivity many times over. MultiView Global is ideal for situations where your magnified view simply isn’t large enough to be able to see everything on the screen at the same time.

Multiple Monitor Support is available in ZoomText 10.1 Magnifier/Reader and ZoomText 10.1 Fusion.

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