We know you’ll love your ZoomText University training course, but who better to tell you than some of our previous students!  Feel free to contact Dan Clark by email or by phone at (800)444-4443 with any questions.

“The training was well organized and the trainers were very attentive to our questions. I really liked the ease of use and personal customization of ZoomText.”

Alejandro Owens, Academic Technology Support Specialist, Brandman University


“The two-day training session was well worth the time and cost.  I had no idea that ZoomText 10 was so feature packed.  As a longtime ZoomText 9.1 user, the training helped make me comfortable with ZoomText 10.  The ZoomText trainers were well prepared and knowledgeable, and I’m interested in future training opportunities.”

Bob Purvis, President of Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) Board of Directors


“Four words: educational, insightful, value, and fun! ZoomText University was two days packed with information, insights, and tips! As an adaptive technology instructor and long-time user of ZoomText (clear back to MS-DOS), I learned new techniques, teaching strategies, and even some features that I never really used. Most of all, it was great preparation for my ZoomText Professional Certification, which I successfully passed after just a little extra studying! Although fast-paced, the instructors carefully went over the ins-and-outs of ZoomText, and introduced their other products—ensuring every student is able to follow along.”

Hy Cohen, Adaptive Technology Instructor & longtime ZoomText user


“I had not used speech much, however at the training, I learned a whole new aspect of ZoomText using the speech.  I also enjoyed seeing the Mac version, ImageReader and ZoomReader.  I told friends about ZoomReader and they started using it, as have I.  We have been waiting for something like it to come out for the iPhone.”

Tiffany Manosh, ZoomText user


“Going into the training class I thought I would be behind. I have worked on a computer for many, many years, but was new to ZoomText. I had only been using ZoomText 10 for a month or so.

The Ai Squared instructors were great. Upon entering the “classroom” they made you feel welcome, and made sure you had everything you needed. If you were not comfortable with the equipment they provided, they would give you additional equipment. They wanted you to be comfortable and have everything you need to make the experience all it could be for you.

The curriculum during the class was so relaxed; it made you feel like everybody was on the same page. If you were slower on the computer, you did not fall behind. They wanted to make sure everybody understood what they were doing before they went on. The instructors also made it feel like your questions were welcome and not a burden. The class size was small enough that the two instructors did not feel overwhelmed by trying to help all the students.

For many people with vision loss, eyestrain and fatigue are concerns. The Ai Squared instructors allowed for breaks/lunch, and the class moved slowly enough and allowed for time to play with ZoomText features, which allowed for eye breaks. With many degrees of vision loss, ZoomText works differently with each person. It was good to meet other people with vision loss and see how they use ZoomText.

It was fun learning about other Ai Squared products and getting to see how they worked. Technology changes so much, and getting a “hands on” experience with a product or product line really helps understand it. Along with ZoomText 10, being able to try out ZoomText keyboards or other ZoomText products allows you to figure out if these products will work for you. With so many products out there, being able to have hands on experience and trials with Ai Squared products allows you to get the product that works best for you.”

Andrea Barnhurst, ZoomText user


“I personally recommend this class to anyone using ZoomText.  I have used ZoomText for over 10 years, but this was my first formalized training. The training was fun, exciting and educational all at the same time – I can’t believe how much I didn’t know about the software!

Everyone worked together, shared user tips and their knowledge.  The training is designed to accommodate all skill levels.  I learned many shortcuts and improved my maneuverability within the program, which has relieved both eyestrain and hand discomfort.

Bottom line:  I’m now a more productive worker!”

John Zachary, ZoomText user