This page contains details about the ZoomText Certification Program, including topics covered, expected proficiency, cost, how the exam works, and resources for studying for the exam.

Certification Program Goals

The ZoomText Certification Program is an online knowledge-based exam for consultants, trainers, agency staff, and ZoomText users. It is available for anyone wishing to test their ZoomText product knowledge and become certified in their expertise.

The purpose is to:

  • Help ZoomText trainers and consultants validate their understanding of the software for companies, agencies, and consumers
  • Increase people’s general knowledge of ZoomText software
  • Expand skills and abilities into new product features
  • Present a comprehensive look at all the free training resources provided online and within ZoomText
  • Enhance exposure for certified individuals by listing them on the ZoomText website. Check out the ZoomText Certified Individuals who have passed the exam and purchased the certificate.

Expected Capabilities after Successful Completion

Product installation and setup, including

  • Installation ZoomText software
  • Training materials
  • Synthesizers

Thorough understanding of location and availability of training materials and resources, including

  • ZoomText help files
  • Archives of recorded webinars
  • Product videos

Product knowledge, including

  • Basic to advanced product skills
  • How to identify and use key combinations for ZoomText functions
  • ZoomText keystrokes for carrying out ZoomText commands

Exam Categories

The ZoomText certification exam covers a wide range of product knowledge. It is not limited to just using the product, but enhancing your knowledge, from installation procedures to where to look when you need to access product information.

ZoomText Exam Categories

The ZoomText certification exam contains a variety of questions from the following thirteen categories:

  • Installation — includes all aspects of both typical and custom installation and activation of ZoomText.
  • ZoomText User Interface — the ZoomText User Interface or Toolbar serves a hub for users gaining access to both features and help. This category focuses on the features of the user interface.
  • Visual Enhancements — includes in-depth questions on ZoomText visual features such as the pointer (mouse), cursor, color, and focus enhancements, zoom windows, magnification, freeze windows, and tracking.
  • Dual Monitor — includes questions pertaining to ZoomText’s popular dual monitor functionality.
  • Speech — this category covers speech topics including adjusting speech settings, using speech in the varies AppReader modes, available synthesizers, and other speech settings.
  • Keyboard Knowledge — includes questions on specific keyboard commands that allow users to use a key combination to carry out ZoomText functions rather than navigating to the user interface and activating a control there
  • Add-Ons — includes questions on tools that can be used in conjunction with ZoomText, such as the ZoomText Large Print Keyboard, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and TypeAbility.
  • Compatibility — includes questions about ZoomText compatibility with other commercial and assistive technology products.
  • Help — includes what is available on our web resource pages, Built-in Help, Vispero’s Training resources, as well as questions about basic troubleshooting and contacting Technical Support.
  • Settings — includes questions pertaining to changing and saving ZoomText settings to meet individual user preferences.
  • Tools — includes questions about ZoomText’s tools including: AppReader, SpeakIt, Background Reader, Finder tool, Reading Zones, the Recorder tool.

Cost for Certification

The cost for initial certification is $99 with a $39 annual renewal fee.

There is no cost to study the materials and take the exam. Once you complete the exam with a passing score, you will be given the opportunity to purchase an official certificate from Freedom Scientific. The initial certification is $99 for each product, with a $39 renewal fee if you choose to update your certification later. To qualify for the $39 renewal fee, you must retake the exam and earn a passing score.

Your purchase of a ZoomText Certificate also entitles your name to be on our lists of ZoomText Certified Individuals.

Exam Resources

The study materials are all available in the current version of ZoomText and on the Ai Squared website. If you have a current version of ZoomText and a connection to the Internet, then you already have what you need to study for both exams. No additional study materials are required. The exam questions are based on guides, help topics, and web resources.

The study time for each exam is approximately 10 hours. That time is based on reading the guides and websites, and studying the exact ZoomText help topics. Study time will vary with your experience, and you may need to concentrate on some areas more than others. It is recommended that you take your time and become familiar with all the study materials before you take the exam.

As you read the study materials, occasionally an aspect of certain features will describe how a user would perform the same function if they were using ZoomText and JAWS together. As part of your product certification, you must consider how these products work together so you can support and share your knowledge in your professional setting. Your exam may contain questions in these areas.

Resources for ZoomText

ZoomText Users Guide — the ZoomText Users Guide ships with the ZoomText product. It can also be downloaded from our Product Documentation page. The user guide provides in-depth information about the ZoomText installation, product features and more.

ZoomText Large Print Keyboard User Guide – the ZoomText Large Print Keyboard User Guide ships with the keyboard. It can also be downloaded from our Product Documentation page. The ZoomText Large Print Keyboard is an optional accessory to the ZoomText program. There may be questions on the exam about the added keyboard functionality so it is good to be aware of the information contained in the Keyboard User Guide.

Web Resources — on our website, we provide many tools that may give you a greater understanding of ZoomText features. Specific places to look are videos on the ZoomText Product page, live and recorded webinars found on the ZoomText Learning page, and help found on the ZoomText PC Support page.

ZoomText Help — ZoomText Help topics are found in ZoomText F1 Help. It is recommended that you become familiar with the ZoomText Help topics. Providing that are keeping your ZoomText product current by downloading updates, the ZoomText Help within the program may be more current than your printed or downloaded User Guide, as we are providing regular updates that enhance features, and may even provide completely new features. Open ZoomText Help by pressing F1 from within the ZoomText program window. To quickly find a topic, move to the Search tab, and type the topic name in the search field.

Taking the Exam

When you are confident that you have spent adequate time covering all study materials, it is time to take the exam. Be prepared to set aside 60 minutes without interruptions to take the exam. Please note — you will not be able to stop the clock on the exam once you begin.

A web page link will take you to the exam log-on page.

You must complete your full name and email address in the edit fields, select your country, and then press TAB to move to the Start Test button. Your exam page will load, followed by a dialog notifying you that you have 60 minutes to complete your exam. Press the OK button and begin.

Exam Navigation

The exam is a web page, so ZoomText navigation in HTML documents apply.

During the Exam

At the mid-point of the exam, a dialog will appear to alert you that you are at the halfway point in the exam. You have 30 more minutes from that point. Press the OK button and continue your exam.

The time remaining may show on the status bar in Internet Explorer, depending on your security settings.

At the end of each question a Resource for that exam question will be noted. It will appear like this: (Resource: ZoomText Help). This is a reference for you.

Submitting Your Exam

When you complete the test, press the Submit Exam Now button at the end of the web page. Please note — if you do not press the Submit Exam Now button, your exam results will not be recorded. When the Submit Exam Now button is pressed and there are unanswered questions, the exam displays the message, “You have left some questions unanswered. Press OK to submit your test now, or Cancel to move to the next unanswered question.” Choose the Cancel button to move to the first unanswered question and continue from there. If you choose the Submit Exam Now button again and there are other unanswered questions, you get a chance to move to the next unanswered question. When you move to the unanswered question, focus is on the first control, i.e., radio button or check box, so just press UP ARROW to read the question.

If you do not finish the exam in the allotted time, a dialog appears at the end of 60 minutes and tells you your time is up. Press OK on the dialog button. Your exam will be submitted automatically.

When you submit your exam, the exam page will close and you will be taken to another web page with your results. From there, you can read your final score percentage and review your scores in each of the different categories.

Certification Logos

When you pass the Certification exam and purchase an official ZoomText Certificate, you are entitled to be listed on our Certified Individuals page. Additionally, you are granted the right to use the new ZoomText Certification Logo in your resume, website, email signature, or in any other type of business communication.

The ZoomText Certification Logo document contains the logo plus instructions for saving and using it.


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions regarding the new ZoomText Certification program. If this doesn’t answer your questions, please send an email to and we’ll be happy to help!

Does a certification mean I can train the product?
NO, the ZoomText certification does not mean you are capable of training the product. The certification validates your expertise and knowledge of ZoomText, but does not in any way confirm your ability to teach the software to other individuals.

Do I have to finish the test in one sitting?
Yes, just like any standardized test, you will need to complete the test in one session. DO NOT close or exit your web browser once you have started the test!

What if I accidentally close my browser, my computer crashes, or I lose power while taking the exam?
If your Internet browser closes, or if you have an equipment failure that interrupts your timed exam session, the portion of the exam you took will not be saved. You will have to start the exam again from the beginning.

Is it okay to guess if I am not sure of an answer?
Yes. If you do not record an answer for an exam question, then that question will be marked incorrect. If you are not sure, you may try eliminating the choices that you know are wrong. You are then left with choices that could be correct. From the remaining choices, select the choice that you think is the best answer.

What if I am in the middle of answering a question and the 60 minutes are up, can I finish the question I was working on?
No. When the 60 minutes have elapsed, the focus shifts from the exam question you were working on to a dialog telling you your time is up. You will not be able to go back and finish. Please note – make sure you follow the instructions from that point so that your exam results will be saved.

Do I get a reminder of how much time has elapsed?
At the halfway point, a dialog will appear letting you know that you have 30 minutes remaining in your exam. The time remaining may show on the status bar in Internet Explorer, depending on your security settings. You can read this by pressing INSERT+PAGE DOWN at any time during the exam.

Are there any short answer or essay questions?
No. Exam questions are formatted as multiple choices, true or false, and check all that apply.

Can I go back and change my answers?
During the 60 minutes you can go back and change or review your answers. It is recommended that you go back and review your exam if you finish before the time expires, to ensure that you are satisfied with the choices you made.

How do I view my results?
Your results are available as soon as you submit your exam. After you submit your results, a web page opens with the results page. You will be given an overall score and shown how you scored in each of the categories.

How do I submit my exam?
When you are ready to submit your exam, you must press the Submit button at the end of the exam web page. Please note – if you do not press the Submit button, your exam results will not be saved.

At the end of each exam question there is a resource. What does that mean?
The resource tells you which study materials that exam question was taken from. For example, a resource could be listed like this: (Resource: ZoomText Help). This reference tells you that the exam question was taken from one of the ZoomText F1 Help topics.

The exam is 80 questions, but my overall score showed that I had 118 correct out of 147. Why is the number higher than 80?
There are 80 questions. The questions are a random selection of multiple choices, true or false, or check all that apply. The “check all that apply” questions are worth more points. Each correct check box is a point. For example, assume you had one “check all that apply” question in your exam and that question had five check boxes. That exam would be scored out of 84 not 80. Note that the exam will have more than one “check all that apply” question.

How many times can I take the exam?
You may take the exam as many times as you wish.

What other Vispero products will I be tested on?
Your exam may contain a few questions on using ZoomText and JAWS together.